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Author Topic:   Humour VII
Aware Wolf
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Message 478 of 1042 (675285)
10-09-2012 8:52 PM

Einstein, Newton and Pascal
Einstein, Newton and Pascal were hanging around, bored, and decided to play some hide and go seek. Einstein put his hands over his eyes and started counting to twenty; Pascal scurried off behind a bush. Newton picked up a stick and started drawing a geometric shape in the dirt.
When Einstein reached twenty he yelled out Ready or not, here I come! and uncovered his eyes, only to find Sir Isaac standing a few paces away, calmly regarding him. He was standing inside a square that he had drawn, one meter to a side. Einstein blinked. Maybe you do not understand the rules of this game, my friend. You were supposed to hide. Instead, I have found you with no difficulty.
I suggest you reconsider the situation, my dear Albert said Newton. As you can see, I stand here, one Newton in a square meter. Thus, as I’m sure you will agree, you have actually found Pascal.
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Aware Wolf
Member (Idle past 1535 days)
Posts: 156
From: New Hampshire, USA
Joined: 02-13-2009

Message 505 of 1042 (676534)
10-23-2012 3:45 PM
Reply to: Message 501 by New Cat's Eye
10-23-2012 12:43 PM

I've been on some business trips to McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, and worked with a couple of facilities guys while I was there. Lunches were a trip. They were laughing at me for perusing the menu to decide what to order before the second round was even brought to the table. What's my big hurry, anyways?
Can't remember the brand; could have been Molsen.
Off topic: the University had this whole system of underground tunnels (not unusual in cold climates, I guess), and that's where most of my equipment was installed. I had to go down there a number of times to troubleshoot an issue. Then one day they discovered mold in the tunnels that made them require anyone to use some pretty serious respirator equipment before entering them. I needed to get back in there to fix the problem they were seeing, but they kept telling me that they wouldn't allow me in there until the mold was all killed off. Eventually they told me "Eh, we're never going to get that stuff cleaned up; we'll live with the equipment problem". Laid back guys.

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