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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How can we regulate guns ... ?
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01-07-2013 1:54 PM
Reply to: Message 284 by AZPaul3
01-07-2013 2:24 AM

Not Understanding the U.S. Constitution
AZPaul3 writes:
Au contraire, my friend. The government's right to limit, regulate and deny business is absolute. No one has any constitutional right to transact any business anywhere, ever.
Untrue, as the U.S. Constitution only GRANTS this power concerning INTERstate commerce. Congress has no authority to regulate INTRAstate commerce.
The constitution gives you the right to possess a gun. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN NOR GUARANTEE ANY RIGHT TO SELL
True as far as that goes federally, in Wyoming the state guarantees me this right.
Google "Firearms Freedom Act" or look at the acts passed in Alaska, Ariz.,Utah,Idaho, Wyoming, Mont., N.Dak, S.Dak. and Tenn.
Almost all people here are ignorant of the fact that all federal firearms laws are based upon the Commerce Clause. A gentleman was convicted of owning a firearm while being a convicted felon, a federal offense, SCOTUS said no, the government failed to show he had crossed state lines or that it had anything to do with interstate commerce. So he became "unconvicted" of this federal offense.
As I'm sure you are aware this is not simply a gun issue, it is a state's rights issue. Is it legal to smoke pot in Colorado? The State of Colorado says it is, the Federal Gov't says it's not. The 18th Amendment was needed to outlaw liquor in the entire US, when exactly was it we ratified an Amendment to make pot illegal?
It appears to me the Federal Gov't is an out of control spoiled child that thinks it has the authority to pass any law it wants.
Kind of like the anti-gun types posting here.

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