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Author Topic:   Can't ID be tested AT ALL?
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01-05-2007 9:11 AM
Reply to: Message 300 by TheMystic
01-05-2007 7:33 AM

Proactive Ignorance
You were advising some of the others about how their stubborness is viewed by THE OTHER SIDE, but this is just another example: The unwillingness of you guys to be honest about the level of evidence for evolution.
Let me be honest with you. The reason that you have difficulty speaking with people who understand and live by evolution is because of your absolute lack of knowledge of its evidence. The reason that these people don't want to talk to you is mostly because you're willingly ignorant of all of its evidence. Take a look at these forums and you'll see there's a plethora, an overabundance, a myriad of pieces that when put together, leave just one conclusion: evolution. To be perfectly honest, in the world we live in, you have to be a rather proactive participant in your ignorance to have absolutely no knowledge of evolution.
Again, you start dancing like the rest. You said "the day we can measure..." and I merely pointed out that measuring the effects of ['the hypothesized', does that help?] God is not the problem.
You understand what a scientific hypothesis is, correct? There is no foreseeable way to falsify the "God hypothesis". Because of this it's not a hypothesis, it can't be. So when you find a way to disprove the concept of God, then you've jumped the first hurdle.
Again, this is more a criticism of what you call science than anything. Science has nothing to say to one of the most interesting questions man has ever dealt with?
Just as an aside, I find a more interesting question to be "Where are we going?", rather than "Where did we come from?".
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And the Ignorant shall fall to the Squirrels - Chip 2:54

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