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Author Topic:   Does God believe in Athiests?
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09-13-2005 11:17 AM

There are a seemingly infinite amount of belief systems which oppose a belief in God of the Bible. In his enjoyable, if not perfect book, John Blanchard takes a look at all the major (and many minor) belief systems there are out there and follows them to some logical conclusions.
For the athiest (or those so inclined) many of the arguments would appear to be classical creationist. The book would be useful however in order for an athiest (or those so inclinded) to get an all-encompassing view as to how the creationist argument is put together from A-Z (something which often can't be gleaned from debates)
For the believer (or those so inclined) the book is a good first source of useful information as to the basic principles (and glaring problems) which accompany the full range of such philosophical, scientific, Religious issues such as: humanism, determinism, agnosticism, atheism, religion: pantheism, dualism, paganism, monism and many other -isms, evolution: Darwinian and Neo-D. It covers the thinkers from Plato and Aristotle to Nietzsche, Satre and Freud and shows how the ideas of the modern day find their source in thinking of long ago (apparently the ancient Greeks believed in abiogenesis because they say mud-flies eminating from mud!)
Towards the end, the book puts up the central points of the Case against God and rebuts with the Case Against the Case Against God.
Like, I said, it ain't perfect. It's too wide ranging to be able to go into the depth necessary to prevent that. Very readable and thought provoking all the same. It's a book that will give useful pointers for further investigation and is comprehensively referenced. A book that can be dipped into (by either 'side') in the future...

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