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Author Topic:   Can't ID be tested AT ALL?
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05-02-2006 12:48 PM
Reply to: Message 121 by ramoss
05-02-2006 10:57 AM

Re: What IC is and isn't.
Hi ramoss.
Just to keep the thread moving, I'll play the part of the ID'er. I may only last one, at most, two posts in this fashion, for I am not well versed in ID, or Irreducible complexity. However, I'll give it a shot.
ramoss writes:
1)How do you measure complexity?
Complexity could be measured with intelligence. The greater the intelligence, the greater the complexity. Humans are the pinnacle of intelligence for life on earth, therefore, we are the most complex organisms on earth.
ramoss writes:
2)How do you test to make sure something is 'irreducibly complex?
Unfortunately, I myself do not know what that means. A little help..?
ramoss writes:
3)How does something being 'irreducible complex' show evidence of a designer?
Revert to question 2.

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