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Author Topic:   Which religion's creation story should be taught?
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Message 34 of 331 (142152)
09-13-2004 6:26 PM
Reply to: Message 33 by Robert Byers
09-13-2004 6:04 PM

Toe is saying the Bible is wrong and then rebuttal is prohibited.
The ToE is saying that a literal interpretation of the Bible does not match up with what is seen in the Creation. Rebuttals to the ToE are permitted, but they must be based in emperical evidence (it is science class afterall).
Also, Hindu's claim that the Bible is wrong, yet I don't see you arguing for the Bible to have equal time in Indian temples. Or maybe we should do the opposite, have the government force Hindu teachings on Christians.
Let the truth be contended over and keep the government and courts out of it except to ensure the truth is not interferred with.
And the truth is this. That the ToE is the most accurate theory and that a young earth is falsified by the evidence. Until the ToE is shown to be wrong AND YECism is shown to be correct through evidence then creationism does not belong in publicly funded science classrooms. The only fair way to teach creationism in this context is to teach all creation stories from all cultures since they all have the same amount of evidence (scientifically speaking, none).
Added in edit:
Why should Toe,ers be afraid of competition in the market place of ideas.
Firstly, there is no competition since creationists do not base their arguments on emperical data. Secondly, creationism is kept out of the science classroom for the same reason Larmarckism is kept out. Because it has been falsified by the data.
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Message 86 of 331 (176566)
01-13-2005 1:41 PM
Reply to: Message 84 by RED WOLF
01-13-2005 1:11 PM

Re: There is Proof of a Global Flood!
The babylonians who are totally not christian have a series of tablets, that are the oldest piece of written work on earth, that tell of a story that states on tablet 11 that there was indeed a global flood.
So it would appear that the Bible stole the story from their Babylonian captors. Not too surprising.
Along with many many other remote tribal stories that tell of a Global flood.
Many of which contradict the others. You can not find one common thread between all of the tribal stories. Some say there was a local flood that they escaped by going up into the mountains. Some others say that it was a global flood. Others say that it was just a really long rainshower. How can tribal stories support a global flood when some of those stories tell of only a local flood. Also, how do we decide which one is correct?
As well as speaking of fossils they have found fossils on top of mountains worldwide hinting that the water level was once that high.
There are several threads dealing with this. In short, the fossils on mountaintops are from erosion of the mountain. The marine fossils are actually part of the mountain (ie found in the middle of the rock).

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 Message 84 by RED WOLF, posted 01-13-2005 1:11 PM RED WOLF has not replied

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