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Author Topic:   Which religion's creation story should be taught?
pink sasquatch
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01-18-2005 5:07 PM
Reply to: Message 92 by LDSdude
01-18-2005 4:58 PM

Re: Just the MONOTHEISTIC basics!
The founding fathers knew that it was wrong to teach a certain religion, so Benjamin Franklin wrote as to what should be taught:
I'm not familar with the full context of this passage, but I see no mention of teaching religion in state-funded schools. Will you please point out where Ben states that?
BF: I believe in one God, the creator of the universe.
LDS: This is the best method because it shows the views of all religions without breaking the first amendment.
How does studying only monotheistic deity-worship show the view of all religions, exactly? You do realize there are other spiritual frameworks out there, don't you? Not to mention atheism.

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 Message 92 by LDSdude, posted 01-18-2005 4:58 PM LDSdude has not replied

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