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Author Topic:   Which religion's creation story should be taught?
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03-13-2011 6:06 PM
Reply to: Message 323 by JRTjr
03-13-2011 5:34 PM

Re: ‘No Creation story/myth’ / ‘several Creation stories/myths?
Hi , hope you are well.
Let me ask you a question please? If one creation theory is taught, why not all or other theories? Is there some reason any other religions is more or less correct? Is there a line drawn somewhere that says if you don't have but x number of followers then your "creation theory" is wrong? As far as I know, anyone can start a church/religion in the USA....Koresh....Jim Jones...Manson. A good lawyer could argue for any of them...if we let any form of creation to be taught in school. How do we determine whose theory's of creation are worthy of being taught?

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