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Author Topic:   Which religion's creation story should be taught?
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10-06-2004 7:49 AM
Reply to: Message 44 by johnfolton
10-05-2004 2:31 AM

Re: I'd teach Genesis from the authorized KJV
TOE's godless doctrine of origin happened by chance
That's why evolution is taught and not abiogenesis. Maybe you should have actually attended a school before criticizing the education system.
If your going to teach Creationisms, might as well teach the science part that...
The science part of creationism is already taught in school, that is no part.
If you must teach from Genesis, you would have to teach it more literally than the creationist interprete genesis
You would also have to teach from every other creation myth from Hindu to Yaqui Indian.
Evolutionistic scientist will cry foul, but the creationists have reasons to believe that the rock dating is not accurate
You mean blind religous dogma and poor education? The creationists should be crying about their ignorance in an age where information is so easily accessible.
we now know that its a common creator and not a common ancestor
There is evidence from multiple disciplines for a common ancestor...there is nothing but ignorant assertions from carpet chewing fundamentalists for a creator/creators/pink unicorns/giant galactic omnipotent goats.
while the infidel are free to believe whatever they believe, they were never suppose to be empowered above their separation freedoms from the government to believe whatever they wanted to believe, what they did was became the state religion, which violates the constitution saying they were not to be empowered above the other religious be
That is why those funny classes you obviously skipped or slept through called science classes are taught in school and your brand of whacko fundamentalism is confined to your church. That way non-religious material is taught in school and you are free to worship parsely if you want.
Funny, not only have you basically asserted that legalizing gay marriage would force you to be gay, you now claim that teaching science in school forces you to give up your religion...sounds like you lack conviction....or should be a convict

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