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Author Topic:   Wyatt's Museum and the shape of Noah's Ark
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04-28-2004 2:09 AM
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04-28-2004 2:06 AM

Re: More good ideas!
Rocket writes:
This is crazy talk! First of all, the only way an ocean going vessel of the size and displacement of the "ARK" can structurally function, is to have a steel hull..NOT WOOD! Wood does NOT have the material properties necessary (I forget the cubits) to support the weight and stresses imparted on the structure (from it's OWN weight). Engineering TODAY cannot build such a vessel out of wood and nails that will hold together much less float. Discounting the obvious oversights in weight and mass for all the animals, a wood hull would be breached in would sink before anybody even thought about turning a pump on.
Not to try to sound like a devil's advocate, but one could make the argument that the omnipotent being called God made it possible.
I've already tried this argument before and all I got for an answer was "this is why it was a miracle and god absolutely has to exist in order for it to happen... hence god exists..."

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