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Author Topic:   Wyatt's Museum and the shape of Noah's Ark
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04-25-2004 12:59 PM
Reply to: Message 78 by Buzsaw
04-24-2004 10:14 PM

Good post, Whatever. I contended with a similar argument about a year ago and got heck for it. I wonder what the scientifically calculated difference between a tree and the Mt St Helens sediment that it was burried in would be using the same method used in measuring the age of a petrified tree assuming the St Helens sediment was unknown??
Petrification, the total replacement of organic material with minerals takes some time so I don't think scientists would make such mistakes as you seem to imply. However, if YECs came across geology like that around St. Helens they would probably look at the "polystrate" trees and conclude they were buried by global flood.

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