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Author Topic:   Potential falsifications of the theory of evolution
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01-15-2011 11:04 PM
Reply to: Message 491 by Dawn Bertot
01-15-2011 3:19 AM

Re: Bump for ICANT
Surely you understand you dont need to be a biologist to know that from an evidential standpoint one does not have to agree or see the concept of Macro-evolution in the fossil record.
Hey, you can 'see' whatever you want in the fossil record. I'm just curious as to what your explanation is.
Since the fossil record does not prove absolutely evolution,...
Of course not. Few things are proven absolutely, especially in science. If that is your standard, I suggest you apply it to your own scenario.
... it would follow that an observation in the opposite direction is more than plausible.
And just how does it 'follow'? You appear to open up the argument that data is open to any interpretation. That would be silly.

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