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Author Topic:   Universe Race
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02-21-2008 10:36 PM
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02-21-2008 9:12 PM

Re: Pull
Other more learned cosmologists correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole concept of "force" only valid once the universe actually came into existence?
Before the Big Bang, the matter of the universe did not exist, so there could be no force before the big bang, because a force implies matter. A sort of field might have existed, but before the big bang, if even "before" has a precise meaning then, there could be no discernable force.
Therefore, it is completely plausible that the Big Bang could have started off at an infinitesimal size, because at t=0, there was no matter, and therefore, no force, and therefore, no absence of force. But at an infinitesimally short period after the singularity, the presence of matter would cause the force to be felt that would have the universe expanding at an unimaginable rate, just as the theory of the Big Bang predicts in the first place.
Now, this might be confusing, and it's hard to explain, so I request that more educated cosmologists either substantiate or correct what I say. My main point is that for there to be a force, or even an absence of force, requires a frame of reference: the existence of matter in the first place, and that because at t=0, due to the lack of matter, all of it that came after the bang actually happened could have been condensed to an infinitesimal size.

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