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Author Topic:   ANOTHER Political Quiz
Leroy Jenkins
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05-04-2014 6:19 PM

So I'm new here, and I thought this would be a good first post/comment/thing. I took the test, and my results were
Green: 96%
Dem: 93%
Socialist: 73%
Libertarian: 43%
Rep: 1%
On a side note, I don't know if the test I'm going to recommend has ever been shown here before, but I prefer it. It's a political compass test, with two axes (social and economic), and I feel like a universal numerical value is more accurate (I shudder at saying these tests are accurate) than a percentage relative to the correspondence of your views to those of the parties in a bought-out government. So here are my results for that test, I added a few points of leaders that had already been plotted on the site:
In this case, Libertarian isn't the American Libertarian Party, it's Liberal, and Neo-Liberal is just capitalist. The link for the site is: The Political Compass
As well, I mean no offense to the site that was originally shown here, I just wanted to add another version of a test like that.
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"As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents."
-George Orwell
"In my opinion, nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of socialism as the belief that Russia is a socialist country and that every act of its rulers must be excused, if not imitated."
-Also George Orwell
"You don't need a formal conspiracy; when interests converge, these people went to the same universities, [...] they're on the same boards of directors, they're in the same country clubs, they have like interests. They don't need to call a meeting, they know what's good for them, and they're getting it."
-George Carlin

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