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Author Topic:   Marriage is a civil right in the US
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06-05-2006 6:04 AM
Reply to: Message 124 by New Cat's Eye
06-05-2006 12:23 AM

Catholic Scientist writes:
I find it plausible that guys will have fake marriages for health insurance or other benefits.
These issues need to be dealt with before gay marriages are included (for prevention) not afterwards when they are exploited. I think that just including gay marriages as marriages opens the laws, or statutes etc, up for exploitation because gay marriages weren’t in mind when they were written. For race and women it worked fine, but for gay I think it’s different because with the way the insurance is now, I’d marry a guy so we’d both have cheaper health insurance.
How is this any different (or any more likely) than different-sex people who currently marry for the same sort of reason?

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