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Author Topic:   Marriage is a civil right in the US
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06-07-2006 7:56 AM
Reply to: Message 270 by arachnophilia
06-07-2006 2:43 AM

Gay marriage represents "anything goes"
"it'll destroy society as we know it." maybe you see the connection, but the rest of us don't. i'm just trying to understand your logic.
I get Faith's logic, and I agree with her assessment on decline of society.
History has shown that people "pull together" and succeed better as a nation when the population has a key set of values for the population. For example, ethnic and religious conflict (i.e. set of values of a population) frequently boil over into violence and degradation.
Gay marriage is clearly unpopular with the population, and I believe most people recognize that the practice and openness of homosexuality promotes the destruction of a core set of values and traditions that represents the masses' unity and goals for their kids to look up to.
It is not just this issue that is tearing this country apart. It is just another cog in a destructive wheel churning against values of the majority.

'Liberalism is a mental disorder' - Michael Savage

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