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Author Topic:   Meteor evidence linked to another Mass Extinction Event
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06-02-2006 7:43 PM

From Big bang in Antarctica -- killer crater found under ice(one of many possible sources):
The 300-mile-wide crater lies hidden more than a mile beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. And the gravity measurements that reveal its existence suggest that it could date back about 250 million years -- the time of the Permian-Triassic extinction, when almost all animal life on Earth died out.
Its size and location -- in the Wilkes Land region of East Antarctica, south of Australia -- also suggest that it could have begun the breakup of the Gondwana supercontinent by creating the tectonic rift that pushed Australia northward.
Scientists believe that the Permian-Triassic extinction paved the way for the dinosaurs to rise to prominence. The Wilkes Land crater is more than twice the size of the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula, which marks the impact that may have ultimately killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The Chicxulub meteor is thought to have been 6 miles wide, while the Wilkes Land meteor could have been up to 30 miles wide -- four or five times wider.
Life survives even massive extinction events, new life arises to take the place of the species that died, filling the niches with new forms, and the rate of change in species is raised by the loss of competition until a new balance is achieved.
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06-02-2006 7:45 PM
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06-02-2006 7:43 PM

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06-02-2006 8:14 PM

Thread copied to the Meteor evidence linked to another Mass Extinction Event thread in the Biological Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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