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Author Topic:   God's Day 1 Billion Years?
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10-08-2006 4:55 PM
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10-30-2005 11:13 PM

Re: Time is relative
ummm, I don't think the big bang was an explosion.
furthermore, this is false:
Projectiles always move faster at the point of explosion and move slower as time progresses. The speed of things after the “Big Bang” would have warped time and would have made predictions of time elapsed of the creation of the universe relative to an observer at that point and would be impossible to calculate without knowing the magnitude and velocity of the explosion.
why? well, even if the big bang was an explosion, and did warp the effect of time, everytime we see an explosion time should be warped too. which means that you can't even state "projectiles always move faster . . ." if the observation of time is warped (due to the relativisic nature you give it). How can you say it is moving faster, absolutely, if the time you are observing is only relative to your position?
oh, and explosions don't warp time.
another thought--your first statement about the speed of projectiles only holds true in a friction environment. Remove friction, and they'll only get faster.

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