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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   God's Day 1 Billion Years?
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05-15-2006 9:56 PM
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05-15-2006 4:01 PM

Re: Here is a little biology lesson on the complexity of a single cell
jim, you may have noticed that folks aren't replying. That's not because responses aren't to be had - indeed, I suspect that most (like myself) are chomping at the bit to respond to your post. However, you have left the topic of the thread and introduced a new one (a few new ones, actually). This forum takes topics seriously, and if I or anyone else were to respond to you, we'd be admonished by administrators.
Just thought I'd let you know, since the administrators seem to be uncharacteristically ignoring your post. Your message 18 could be made into a new thread or two, and we'd be happy to respond to it.

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