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Author Topic:   God's Day 1 Billion Years?
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10-08-2006 4:05 PM
Reply to: Message 44 by Christian7
10-08-2006 6:23 AM

The word for "Day" in genesis chapter 1 in hebrew is yom. Yom means one single day. This was also combined with the terms for "Evening and morning". If when Moses wrote genesis, he wanted to mean an age, he could have used a variety of different words.
yom also means day,lifetime, and some time unknown
oh and thats a big if on if moses wrote it
Yamim- is days so it doesn't really work
Qedem - means before earlier or past, this has no meaning here
Olam - means world, or eternity - how would this work?
Yom works the best since its a story about the sabbath, and why theres a 7 day week.
using any other word wouldn't make any sense

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Member (Idle past 4229 days)
Posts: 1119
From: Topeka,kansas
Joined: 06-06-2005

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10-09-2006 4:05 PM
Reply to: Message 51 by arachnophilia
10-09-2006 4:53 AM

but supposing the author meant to say "a thousand years." there are words for that. the author could have written — (eleph shanim). but instead, he wrote the literal word for a single day.
yes because this is a retroactive story to answer why the jews have a seven day week that to them isn't paganistic
you can argue that it's all a metaphor, but the p'shat meaning is 24 hours. applied, it's about the structure of a week. to lay a secret meaning on top that contradicts the literal is rather silly, imho.
what i mean is, if you argue that it was anything other than a real 24 hour day, then the whole thing about god resting on the 7th day and this giving meaning to the sabbath becomes pointless and irrelevent.
becides the fact that if they meant something else the words they used in the context wouldn't make much sense with say olam or qedem, maybe i need more hebrew though
by the way i was just pointing out for the guy i posted to that the words wouldn't make any sense with rest of the story. i was showing that the idea of putting in other words that he picked won't work because they don't really relate to yom at all or mean day

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