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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   For ToErs Eyes Only
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From: Brizzle
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10-18-2005 8:08 PM

I've only been on here a short time but can see the points that are being made, in the few discussions I've had on here I have most certainly come up against the diversionary tactics of creo's on here,
and the blatant ignoring of questions posed.
Like many of the personal discussions I've had with christians, the same stalemate appears again and again. no amount of scientific evidence will overcome faith (or the stubborness associated with it)
THe problem I find is that while refusing scientific evidence to disprove the bible they will willingly (mis)use science to try to disprove evolution.
Personally it is not my wish to destroy anyones faith, but if they come on here and take part in a debate they should expect to have their beliefs challenged rigourously.
One thing springs to mind where in a discussion about the flood and geology a YEC opened with a comment along the lines of..."understand now that any attempt to disprove my belief will not be entertained and i will not take part"
In such a situation I felt a moderator should have stepped in and pointed out that if you are not willing to debate you have no place on a debating forum.
recently I was in a thread with Iano talking about choice we came to a stalemate... i believed there was none (and felt I showed this) iano believed there was(and no doubt felt he showed this). Iano left the debate and moved on.. leaving me hungry for more discussion. Of course internally I saw this a a victory for me.. I'd frightened him off (he would of course disagree) but, I felt maybe there should be some etiquette involved if you decide to no longer take part in a discussion. make your reasons clear and bow out.
On the whole it's not about "winning" or "losing". Reading and taking part in the debates here expand my knowledge and understanding of where both sides are coming from. Unfortunately I would say no creationist would ever say the same.
come on folks... Can't we all be winners?
*group hug**cheesy grin*

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