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Author Topic:   Was the Use of Atomic Bombs Against Japan Justified?
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09-06-2023 5:20 PM
Reply to: Message 128 by dronestar
09-06-2023 3:47 PM

Re: Okinawa
Thusly: I wouldn’t want my children targeted with atom bombS, so I shouldn’t target other children with atom bombs.

Not that difficult to comprehend.
I don't want children or anyone else targeted with any kind of bombs.
The fact is that we were in a long and bloody war with no end in sight and it was going to continue until one side won decisively. There were going to be lots and lots and lots more bombs and bullets killing lots and lots and lots more men, women and children.
Japan started the war and committed numerous war crimes and atrocities and the United States fought back and ultimately ended the war, and then rebuilt Japan.
I note that you haven't put up any Japanese portrayals of Americans from the same period. You seem to have the opinion that any other country would not use an atomic bomb if it would decisively end the war in their favor.
The horror of the aftermath of 2 Japanese cities being destroyed may have served as a deterrent for the rest of the world, but it didn't stop every single country that acquired the technology from building their own arsenals of nuclear weapons.
The U.S. has a horrible history when it comes to human rights and we all carry a national shame, but the Japanese really fucked up when they attacked us and I doubt that the U.S. would have gotten the same post war treatment they received if we had lost.

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