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Author Topic:   Was the Use of Atomic Bombs Against Japan Justified?
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07-16-2011 12:01 PM
Reply to: Message 83 by Rahvin
07-15-2011 12:05 PM

In Regards to Compassion and Doing Right..
Hi Rahvin, the following diatribe is not directed as a personal insult in any way.
Just wanna get that disclaimer out there before you stomp a literary mudhole in my a$$.
Surrender was not going to happen until Hirohito himself forced the matter ...
With all due respect (and I feel much is do), this assertion relies heavily on circumstantial support; there’s no actual evidence surrender was impossible (obviously), but rather it’s the same as saying ‘surrender was inevitable & right around the corner’ (which there is also no actual evidence for).
However, while circumstantial support isn't evidence in the scientific sense of the word, it's better than none.
You noted yourself a coup attempt was made opposing Hirohito's express instruction’s surrender be offered. While we have evidence the coup failed, we do not have evidence ‘a coup would have never been successful.’ Likewise, we have no evidence ‘surrender was not going to happen’, just as we have no evidence that one of us will hit the lottery tomorrow.
Any attempt to avoid surrender is evidence there was opposition to surrender - not that surrender was literally impossible, but rather perhaps utterly improbable. However, utterly improbable is no more equivalent to literally impossible than ‘8’ is to ‘9’. Whether similar or mutually exclusive, they’re individual options and distinct from one another.
The result of an action provides for traces of evidence. For example, we have evidence Japanese terrorists flew planes into a US naval installation, as well as evidence two Japanese cities were completely and utterly annihilated. Additionally, the evidence points to the fact a surrender option was shelved by the US, who was apparently in agreement of sorts with the Emperor and the ‘Big Six’ that it was the last thing anybody was gonna do.
Finally, we have evidence Japan was not willing to fight to the last man and risk racial genocide and would choose surrender when faced with the desecration or disappearance of their ancient culture (imagine that).
There seems to be a hue of altruism in the idea that although Japan was all but defeated with their Navy in shambles, a shortage of skilled pilots, diving into economical ruin, completely out of oil and food, ultimately ‘toothless, unable to attack or even effectively defend itself against the Allies’ and unwilling to - though obviously not incapable of, surrender - the US was still compassionate enough to take on the role of Dr. Death and do the right thing if it had to.
What a big heart
One Love

I'm not here to mock or condemn what you believe, tho my intentions are no less than to tickle your thinker.
If those in first century CE had known what these words mean ... 'I want and desire mercy, not sacrifice'
They surely would not have murdered the innocent; why trust what I say, when you can learn for yourself?
Think for yourself.
Mercy Trumps Judgement,
Love Weary

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