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Author Topic:   The C.C.O.I. (Christian Cult Of Ignorance) and Willful Ignorance
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07-23-2007 6:51 PM
Reply to: Message 90 by Phat
07-23-2007 6:38 PM

Re: Does it bother you if the worm does not believe you exist?
Phat writes:
The distance between man and God in infinitely greater.
Precisely the point! If it would not bother you if a worm believed in you or not - or at least you could forgive a worm of not being aware of higher levels of consciousness why would a God (who is infinitely greater) punish a person for merely not being aware of God's reality? Especially given incomplete and even conflicting physical information.
Or even worse imagine you were able to create an artificial intelligence program and that intelligence did not exalt and worship you (maybe because of some invalid parameters settings) would you be offended and "judge" this creation of yours to suffer eternal damnation.
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