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Author Topic:   The pristine question
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09-08-2019 2:42 AM

If evolution is truly a mindless bio-chemical process, I'm confused on how it would produce an organism with a motivation to stay alive. How does a chemical reaction produce a molecule that prefers one future outcome over another (life or death). How do you motivate a mindless molecule to actively pursue life. Why would it care. How could it care
---> ssope

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09-09-2019 1:31 AM
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09-08-2019 5:46 AM

Re: Rewording the topic starter
My question is partly probing the idea that scientific explanations bottom out at a certain point, particularly at this point. I don't know how much more I can say because I feel I worded the question in the most concise way possible. Ultimately I am making a case for intelligent design, but I am not explicitly going to express my aim to the reader, nor should the question indicate my belief,. I want the reader to question themselves while recognizing any gaps in their knowledge. To answer your question, yes, this topic is to be approached scientifically. As to where this topic belongs, I see no difference between the Biological Evolution forum, the Human Origins and Evolution, and the Intelligent Design forum.
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