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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   The pristine question
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09-09-2019 9:23 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by ssope
09-08-2019 2:42 AM

ssope writes:
If evolution is truly a mindless bio-chemical process, I'm confused on how it would produce an organism with a motivation to stay alive.
Many reasons.
1. If it didn't - we would all be dead (like most things.)
2. By small steps.
3. Think of a computer - it's just circuit boards and plastic. Metal, plastic, electricity. That's it. All mindless. And yet, you can play computer games, you can post on the internet, a computer is better than humans at chess - how did we create something that's better than us? Small steps. Increasing. Building. Getting better. There are limits, but the "limit" is not "getting the motivation to stay alive from a mindless bio-chemical."
We can create things that are better than us.
Mindless bio-chemical nature can create things that eventually have a motivation to stay alive.
Same process of small steps and building and getting better.

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