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Author Topic:   My HUGE problem with creationist thinking (re: Which version of creationism)
Granny Magda
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06-18-2011 5:11 AM
Reply to: Message 82 by Chuck77
06-12-2011 1:28 AM

Re: Who Observed What?
Hi Chuck and welcome to EvC.
Also, sure I'll read the book, if you read "The Dawkins Delusion by Alister McGrath".
I've read that book and I have to say that I found it pretty thin gruel. McGrath keeps asking rhetorical questions, when the answers are right there in the book he's critiquing. It's very odd.
The reason I'm posting though is just to note one small point; The Dawkins Delusion is not a critique of Dawkins' views on evolution. It is a direct critique of The God Delusion. It critiques Dawkins' atheism, not his views on evolution. The Blind Watchmaker is not an atheist screed. It is about evolution. It criticises creationism, but doesn't have much to say about the wider view of religion.
Bearing this in mind, The Dawkins Delusion seems an odd choice to answer The Blind Watchmaker, especially since McGrath, a former molecular biophysicist, is an Theistic Evolutionist, not a creationist.
McGrath may disagree strongly with what Dawkins has to say in The God Delusion, but he would doubtless agree with much of The Blind Watchmaker. In fact, here is McGrath on evolution and faith;
{Interviewer} So somebody can be a Christian and believe in evolution?
{McGrath} Yes, they can. Evolution is not, by definition, atheistic. Darwin saw his theory as reconcilable with the Bible. He struggled with his Christian faith towards the end of his life but that was because his daughter had died very young, not because of his ideas on evolution.
Some Christians will be uncomfortable with the idea of believing in evolution, particularly because it raises the question of how to interpret the early chapters of Genesis. That's a very big issue in its own right. All I can say is that, with complete integrity, there are many Christians who see evolution as illuminating the way in which we understand Genesis and as giving us an enhanced vision of how God brought the world and humankind into being. People can make evolution atheistic but it doesn't have to be.
Source; Page not found – Christian Evidence
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