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Author Topic:   My HUGE problem with creationist thinking (re: Which version of creationism)
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06-11-2011 7:44 AM
Reply to: Message 65 by Chuck77
06-11-2011 7:09 AM

Re: Who Observed What?
The first paragraph is about Abiogenesis, not TOE. Abiogenesis and TOE are separate the same way your birth and your life are separate. We don't need to know everything (or anything about your birth) in order to know what you ate this morning. Science separate different subjects in order to study them more easily, not out of some conspiracy.
Contrary to your beliefs that stuck us in the dark arges, science actually works(something you should know well since you are currently using a computer) but if we did things your way, all progress would be stopped.
I don't see you guys saying that the theory of gravity is false because we don't know how the universe began.
Now, could you explain to me how having the first life magicked into existance or brought forth by natural processes would affect TOE?

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