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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How do we tell the difference, Ahmad?
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Message 32 of 63 (27780)
12-24-2002 11:51 AM

If i were a creationist, i would say, quite reasonably,
God created the universe 6000 years ago exactly as the bible/koran/etc suggests it was 6000 years ago and covered his tracks using his powers to stop meddling scientists delving into things that are beyond them.
and who could dispute that?
absolutely no one! it's completely irrefutable. So why doesn't anyone say it?

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Message 35 of 63 (27786)
12-24-2002 1:17 PM

but then the creationist might say,
but the deception is the devil's fault, fall of man, etc.

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 Message 36 by joz, posted 12-24-2002 1:19 PM Gzus has not replied

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12-24-2002 1:20 PM

But you do have a point, the counter argument to that would be,
but how was it moral for God (knowing that the fall would happen) to create humans & the devil. in a sense, God is the creator of sin.

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Message 38 of 63 (27789)
12-24-2002 1:22 PM

yes, I agree with you joz, God cannot decieve meaning that belief in him must be ontainable through reason, it must be possible to derive it from our surroundings otherwise he is misleading us.
but then of course, 'you cannot prove the existence of god'

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