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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Natural Limitation to Evolutionary Processes (2/14/05)
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07-10-2006 2:58 AM
Reply to: Message 127 by inkorrekt
07-10-2006 1:28 AM

Re: Considering rapid rate of mutation
During all these years man has evolved from the lower scale.Today, to my knowledge, there is no other species above man.
You are making several assumptions here. The first and foremost being that there is some sort of ranking system. The second being that man is at the top of that system.
But, you haven't given your ranking a title.
Which species is most complex?
Well, rice is far more complex than humans if you look at the genetics.
Which species is most successful?
There are many many species which have been around a lot longer than us. Or have more members than our puny 6 billion. Or will be around long after we have poisoned ourselves out of existance.
Which species makes the most tools?
Okay, that's probably us.
Which species is smartest?
Well, ask the cockroaches? They don't think that we even have language. Of course, we don't think they have language. So, who's right?

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