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Author Topic:   Minimum requirements for applying Natural Selection
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12-31-2002 5:33 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by Syamsu
12-30-2002 9:51 AM

hello syamsu
Originally posted by Syamsu:
I guess most people are away for the holidays, but I'm impatient to settle this important question, so please all contribute and give your opinion on this simple question.
Is variation required for Natural Selection to apply or isn't it?
Is "reproducing or not reproducing", or either "surviving or not surviving", or something like that, a correct definition of Natural Selection?
If the definition is generally thought to be correct, then creationists will claim moral victory of the evolution vs creation debate in my estimation.
Mohammad Nor Syamsu
i think john's words were clear, especially here "Natural selection is "If an individual survives long enough it reproduces, if it doesn't survive long enough it does not reproduce." That's it, really. There is no need for variants at all." .... and Q said, "I'm afraid that what John has posted is pretty much mainstream - with nothing to argue about." ...
so you have at least two darwinists/evolutionists agree with you that variation is *not* required... both explicitly state as much

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