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Author Topic:   Operating system preferences survey
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11-09-2021 1:08 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by jar
11-08-2021 2:22 PM

I use Windows 10 pro 64 on all my machines. My wife and I got our 1st PC around 1990, a 386-40, custom built by the brother of a guy I worked with who built computers for almost everyone who worked in our lab. DOS was the operating system and later we installed Windows 3.1. Some where along about this time we tried an operating system called Geoworks that was like windows, but a lot better. It was forced out when Gates signed IBM up to use his operating systems exclusively.
My wife was a computer guru in the nuclear engineering department at her university and worked on UNIX systems and she built our next computers, some version of Pentiums and we used several Windows versions including NT.
The first computer I built was a Windows XP machine and I was pretty pleased with it and that was when I started using Photoshop. I really liked Windows 7 and it was the most stable Photoshop compatible operating system. We never used Windows Vista or Windows 8 and resisted moving to Windows 10 as long as possible.
I never messed with all those other UNIX related spinoff operating systems, because the software programs I mainly use do not seem to function well outside the Windows environment.
When I was on my last job the whole agency was using Apple computers. I really learned to absolutely HATE Apple and everything about them. I had the only PCs in the building for my imaging systems and SEM. They forced me to have a laptop Mac but it stayed in a desk drawer except when I took it out once a month to fill out and submit my time sheet. They tried to make me use an iphone, but I wasn't going to carry 2 phones.
AE: Oh yeah, forgot about Windows 95 & 98, we used those too. I had a computer at work running OS/2 because the manufacturer of the Gamma-Ray detector it was hooked to, wrote their software to run on OS/2. Eventually I had to modify everything to run on Windows NT.
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