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Author Topic:   The Law of Superposition and Devil's Hole and Old Earth Age
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11-21-2018 11:15 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by Phat
11-21-2018 10:23 AM

Re: Missing Isotopes
Were they measured for isotypes? Did they confirm the hypothesis that the moon once split off from earth? Also what about asteroids? Do they ever measure the half-lives off of some of them? What do they find? Anything interesting?
Not a knock on you, Phat. Just taking this opportunity to put a thought out there.
I know that lots of folks poo-poo Wikipedia as unreliable in the exact details, but, with due skepticism in mind, I find Wiki as a reliable first resource for initial knowledge on most subjects. At the end of most Wiki articles there usually is a list of the citations and resources used to create the article. That is where the real nitty-gritty will be.
Wiki articles to note:
Moon Rocks
The answer to each question you asked is "yes."
May not have a lot of the asteroid material but what we do have is torn atom-by-atom for detailed analysis.
An example from the Asteroid Wiki is this here paper it uses as a reference. As with most real science papers the detail is extreme and the paper's list of resources is even more extreme.
No, I'm not getting a kickback, but, used properly and cautiously, Wikipedia really is one of the most comprehensive "first knowledge" resources on this planet.

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