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Author Topic:   Evolution Requires Reduction in Genetic Diversity
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05-22-2015 9:40 AM
Reply to: Message 538 by Denisova
05-22-2015 6:00 AM

Re: Pseudogenes caused by bottleneck
Denisova writes:
Apart from the obvious nonsense of people growing 5 meters or taller or ageing 500 years or older, which is directly contradicted by archaeological finds, there is hardly any indication that extant humans are fainter than people 4,500 years ago.
Denisova, realise that Faith rejects all scientific dating methods as inaccurate. To her all genetics is a result of what happened after The Flood. So, to mention a date, for example the 3500 year old Otzi living around what's now the Italy/Austria border, to her is the same as claiming that Otzi lived on the sun 14 billion years ago. No matter whether Otzi has been genetically sequenced or not.
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