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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   What could/would falsify Irreducible Complexity?
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10-12-2008 1:36 AM
Reply to: Message 65 by Kevin123
10-11-2008 11:24 PM

Scientists as idiots
The evolutionist comes up with theories on how the forces of wind and rain eroded the rock just right over billions of years.
When one requires the scientist in an analogy to be a complete idiot for the analogy to work one might want to work on the analogy.
The randomness of evolutionary processes, the bit analogous to the wind and rain, only applies to the mutations and not to the selection. An evolutionist would likely know this and, unless you add something to your analogy to equate with selection, wouldn't tend to get confused. Evolutionist leanings are irrelevant to geologic processes.
So, now that the evolutionist and the creationist are of a mind how would they go about discovering the identity of the creator. Archeology comes to mind.
I think the reason that evolution is appealing because of the three it does not require anything outside of their understanding.
You do realize don't you that the evolutionist is the only member of your trio who expressed any comfort with not understanding? They may have no patients with it, but they don't fill the hole with even greater enigmas. There are a great many things I am ignorant of, should I doubt my experience or attribute those things to a superior intelligence?
All I can do is point out that in everything that we can observe order does not come out of chaos unless intelligence is involved.
Snowflakes tell the lie of that argument. You need to find an example of a order that violates thermodynamic. Then you can bypass that lame "complexity" argument and stop spinning your wheels.
The day evolution can replicate the creation of a living cell I will reconsider my position. Surely if it happened randomly, we should be able to duplicate with our technology and intelligence.
And when you can recite all thirty odd volumes of The Encyclopedia Britannica from memory I'll believe in it.
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