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Author Topic:   Please change background color.
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Joined: 11-21-2006

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05-13-2008 3:48 PM

Your present background color is black.
It is not as inviting to read text in white or green, as they appear on my screen, on a background of black, meaning by background color the big ocean of water where everything else starting with texts are floating on and surrounded by.
Besides, when anything else in your pages happens to be also in black, owing to the black background it becomes invisible.
Addressing the owners and technicians of this website:
Please change the background color from black to any other color like light green, and change the color of text to black or any color that is in heavty dark hue, not however red or yellow; but I personably very much prefer black for text fonts.
Perhaps the owners and technicians of this website might be generous to tell me why they chose to use black as the background color of this otherwise excellent website?

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Member (Idle past 5036 days)
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Joined: 11-21-2006

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05-13-2008 11:47 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Admin
05-13-2008 4:20 PM

That's too bad.
But how do we get to see things which are already in black color when your background color is also black?
Then also how do we get to see things in white to distinguish it from text when the text is already in white?
I wonder if I am the only one with this inconvenience.
Just the same my solution for seeing everything better is just to select all by pressing ctrl + a.
How do you other guys here with my kind of problem get around the problem?
Now, I remember that I registered last November 2006 and did not participate by posting messages here, perhaps because of the black background -- until today someone told me to try the EvC forum for one very neutral board even though the founder is pro evolution.
I am however not really pro or anti evolution or pro or anti whatever, just want to find out whether anyone pro or anti anything is making any sense in the bigger picture of the whole issue.
For example, I can't see why the pro evolution people keep insisting that evolution is not random when they maintain that everything else in 'nature' is due to chance; of course they will go on and on and on explaining how chance is not randomness, etc., etc., etc.
Then also why the pro evolution folks maintain that all lives come from the same one or a pair of ancestors, which is okay and acceptable to the Bible people who take their Bible literally; but I can see that if all lives come from several sources independent from among themselves even appearing in separate times and places, what is there to see any intrinsic impossibility in such a speculation?
Coming back to the color of black for a background and white for text, well I guess I will just have to accept things as they are here determined by the owners; there must be some reasons for the color scheme here, can't say that the owners acted from chance or is it randomness.
Just for a laff, okay? Don't get piqued.
Ah yes, because the color of black chosen by the owners for a background color is intended to set forth a distinguishing feature of this website.

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 Message 2 by Admin, posted 05-13-2008 4:20 PM Admin has not replied

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05-15-2008 5:54 AM

A website is supposed to be some kind of electronic periodical in the net that corresponds to print periodicals like newspapers and magazines in the 'real' world.
Now, imagine your newspapers or magazines having a black background all over in every page from cover to cover, and see whether you will find it inviting and easy to read and to see graphics in them.
Then also I have this association of black which I think is a common one for people everywhere, namely, that the color black is indicative of evil, deceit, all things which wicked people want to hide from the clarity and purity of the brilliance of the sun in a clear noon time day.
This is a neutral website for the exchange of views on evolution from both the pro and the anti factions, the use of a black background is to my observation most in ill-keeping with the sincerity and honesty of opinions from both sides of the controversial issue.
Anyway, this is what I have found out to be a good antidote to remove the black background.
If you are using a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Go to the Internet Options > General > accessibility:
Check ignore color specified in web pages.
Check format documents with my style sheet.
(Edit first any css being used in default, to have a background color like what I did (see image reproduced below).
Thanks for your forbearance, owners and technicians of this website.
Edited by Admin, : Reduce image width.

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