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Author Topic:   Minimum requirements for applying Natural Selection
Brad McFall
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12-31-2002 2:18 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by Syamsu
12-30-2002 9:51 AM

I guess on a kind of less than standard significance of Natural Selection (evolutionarily) it is possible to have a physicality(network) such that Natural Selection DOES NOT USE variation as 'raw material' but proceeds from manifestations of generational randomness perhaps by agglomeration effects due to fundamental particle motion particularities not altered but this is too much from social reasoning to seem true as of yet, to me. This seems to be part and/or parcel of Gzus's tact.

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 Message 5 by Syamsu, posted 12-30-2002 9:51 AM Syamsu has not replied

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