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Author Topic:   morality, charity according to evolution
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05-08-2006 7:44 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by kuresu
05-07-2006 4:53 PM

while you might struggle to justifie the ability to make music as a positive benifit in our evolution , it is not a negative characteristic , the ability to play music does not lower survial rates .( ok no rock n roll life style jokes please )
so you can readly say its just a thing we can do , a by product of other selected characteristics ... any way not every one can make music .. i have very very little skill.
Morality and charity work to create a stabile , safe , and supportive enviorment in which to breed and bring up off spring .
Humans change the enviroment not only by wearing cloths vs heat / cold , carring supplies , building , farming , domesticasting but by creating codes of behaviour , law and justice , charity and morality... when these are in place and work together ther make up the most suitable eco nitch for humans ..allowing us the live from artic to desert to shoreline . This is the evolutionary addvantage standing high and clear .
look at life in areas where morality and charity are lacking well do people survive there ??

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