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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Criticizing neo-Darwinism
Archer Opteryx
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05-05-2007 10:33 AM
Reply to: Message 136 by MartinV
05-04-2007 3:23 PM

Re: Fridriech [sic] Nietzsche, quotemined
Nietzsche is quoted too often by people that can't be bothered to learn anything about his philosophy.
Nietzsche's criticism in this excerpt is of a brand of nineteenth-century positivism that claimed support in Darwinian theory. He uses the same theory to expose the naivete of it.
Nietzsche was not a creo. Sorry. And the spelling of his first name is Friedrich, not 'Fridriech.'
Now--back to the twenty-first century.

All species are transitional.

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 Message 136 by MartinV, posted 05-04-2007 3:23 PM MartinV has not replied

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