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Author Topic:   Galapagos finches
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07-26-2006 4:16 PM
Reply to: Message 83 by MurkyWaters
07-26-2006 1:16 AM

Re: here we go ...
MurkyWaters writes:
This is blatantly false. On the contrary, the creation axiom has been overwhelmingly supported by ALL of these fields, particularly genetics, archeology, geology and physics. 700,000 layers don't correspond to years but to snowfalls. How else can you account for the fact that an abondoned plane left there just a few years earlier was found miles under the ice? I don't remember the exact details, but again, I need to hit the sack. I'll expound further, perhaps in another forum. Se ya.
The planes in the "Lost Squadron" were located on an active glacier near the shore of Greenland, where conditions (flowing glacier, 2m/yr snowfall) are quite different from those where ice cores are taken for analysis (stable ice fields with low accumulation).
See talkorigins creationist claim CD410

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