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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Dogs will be Dogs will be ???
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02-14-2008 11:07 AM

First of all Razd your knolwedge on evolution is outstanding.
I have read the entire thread and your posts have been extremely eye-opening and logical.
I was about 50-50 split between evolution and creation but after reading your posts I'm a lot more convinced about evolution.
The information about dogs was extremely intresting. Especially how the 5th toe is missing on some and useless in others.
I've always wondered about dogs and evolution because there is such a variety and they seem to all be the same species.
To answer the original question, what could a dog become, I think the logical conclusion, if dogs keep being trained by humans and coexisting with us (which is a safe assumption they will) will be for dogs to have bigger heads, have less hair (since we take care of them more they are less oudoors or even wear clothing) and will develop the ability to communicate with us probably speech (some dogs already try to).
How long before we can expect that change to happen? 10,000 years? maybe 100,000 years?

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