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Author Topic:   Dogs will be Dogs will be ???
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07-23-2008 5:19 PM
Reply to: Message 241 by AlphaOmegakid
07-23-2008 9:24 AM

Re: THE TOPIC is dogs compared to horse species changes
If genes exist to create bones and skulls, the alterations (extremely small alterations) to those genes can happen that cause the bones to be bigger and smaller. That is microevolution (observable and repeatable). The creation within the genome of multiple new genes for polygenetic traits like hooves is macroevolution
But there doesn't seem to be a qualitative difference. Evolving a hoof is a reduction in the number of digits to one and an enlargement of the toenail on that digit. (Horses still have remnants of two other digits in their legs - the splint bones).
So why isn't evolving a hoof from a three-toed foot microevolution ?

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