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Author Topic:   Do mathmatics disprove evolution?
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Message 4 of 11 (27709)
12-23-2002 1:54 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by forgiven
12-22-2002 7:31 PM

Originally posted by forgiven:
why don't you think so? i don't *know* but i'd like to hear some arguments against it
Have you read it yet F'given?
You're a pretty smart guy see if you can`t work out where it is so wrong that it isn`t even funny....

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 Message 3 by forgiven, posted 12-22-2002 7:31 PM forgiven has not replied

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Message 7 of 11 (27723)
12-23-2002 8:56 AM
Reply to: Message 6 by zipzip
12-23-2002 5:27 AM

Originally posted by zipzip:
in layman's terms,
1) they can run out of chow
2) not enough room to relieve themselves
3) don't like crowds

I was thinking more in terms of taking only one date and population and extrapolating back, also assuming that the time it takes to double the population is constant seems to me to be a gross error, I would imagine that the human population stayed pretty constant up untill the advent of agriculture (apart from probably taking a hit during the ice ages)....
Also to use population data for the isrealites no matter how (/if) faithfully recorded raises issues of its own, didn`t the Isrealites at some points subjugate/exterminate neighbouring tribes and take the young women as concubines? wonder what that did to the rate of population growth compared to the whole world population....
Thats not all by a long shot but its proobably enough for now...

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 Message 6 by zipzip, posted 12-23-2002 5:27 AM zipzip has not replied

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 Message 8 by TechnoCore, posted 12-25-2002 10:04 PM joz has not replied

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12-26-2002 10:00 AM
Reply to: Message 9 by Dr_Tazimus_maximus
12-26-2002 9:08 AM

Originally posted by Dr_Tazimus_maximus:
Truly a sad site.
From said sad site....
...According to Dr. Kent Hovind, former high school science teacher now minister,
Well what did you expect Dr T?

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 Message 9 by Dr_Tazimus_maximus, posted 12-26-2002 9:08 AM Dr_Tazimus_maximus has not replied

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