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Author Topic:   Do mathmatics disprove evolution?
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12-26-2002 9:08 AM
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12-22-2002 7:31 PM

The main problem (other than a lack of ANY support for the 1600 year doubling time) is an assumption of a constant rate. Any outside influence which causes a deviation of this supposed rate will trash the result. Here is one, the Black Plague in Europe in the 1300's. Historical documentation demonstrates that roughly 33 % of the overall population of Europe died in the plague (cause by the bacteria Y. pestis for the curious). No numbers exist that I know of for the death rates as the plague swept out of its eastern origins prior to visiting Europe. The same objections hold true for famine, war and other events which depress the doubling time. I am also not sure that these bozos even factored in death! Not only is the basic assumption flawed but it is quite poorly written.
Here is what I mean by poorly written, concerning problems with the way that they present the math. They say that the population doubles every 1612 years and was roughly 2x10^9 in 1920, so that means that in ~the year 300 the population was 1 billion, in 1300 BC the population was 0.5 billion, ect. going back to 6400 years ago well that means the world had a population of 0.125 x 10^9 at the time of Ada;, in other words the way that they represent the written statements to describe the math is done in a piss poor fashion. They do mention 2^nth but they are still not doing the calculations properly because what they are trying to determine is log growth of a population, as was mentioned earlier with bacteria. Truly a sad site.
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