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Author Topic:   first genetic material
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11-02-2004 3:46 AM

The first cell on the earth is believed to form from the accumulation of Inorganic& Organic compounds. If we assume that this is true we see the prokaryotes have the cellular organisation but without any membrane bound organelles and no nucleus, but they have the genetic material.
I wonder from where did the genetic material come. It is my hypothesis that the donor of this genetic material may be the virus. Actually it sems to be absurd that although we know that virus can become living only when inside a living cell which has a genetic material. But I think that it may be possible that due to presence of certain matrix proteins in the cell wall of certain prokaryotes ,which acts as phage receptor might have allowed the phage to enter into the cell which is already devoid of any genetic material.
This virus seems to be an RNA virus because the evolution of the genetic material seems to be from a single strand to a double strand . This RNA produced a DNA which again by transcription produced a RNA and finally protein as ribosomes are assumed to be present in the cell cytoplasm during organic accumulation. Mainly two RNA strands were produced one involving in protein synthesis and the other remaining to be replicated and transferred to the next cell. The evolution of the single stranded RNA to double stranded DNA mainly occured to reduce the consumption of energy rich molecules like ATP,GTP,CTP,UTP. These were used in double amount initially first to produce DNA from RNA and again RNA from DNA. Thus in new generation of cells DNA became the primary genetic material.
I would like to know whether you think that this may be the fact or any other related theories may be responsible. Please reply.
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11-03-2004 8:42 AM
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11-02-2004 5:27 PM

Re: Some formatiing and clarity please
Sir,It is my pleasure that you have read my theory and replied soon .
I would like to inform you that is my own concept which i think to be possible & I would await for any further highlighting on the subject from you as well as from any interested member.I would try to send you a well formatted note on this title soon.

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