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Author Topic:   Thermodynamics, Abiogenesis and Evolution
Dr Adequate
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08-19-2009 3:45 AM
Reply to: Message 112 by Creation Guy
08-16-2009 6:09 PM

Creationist Gibberish
Gas does not compact of its own accord. We can force it to. Gravity can act on it, but it does not happen to the point of stellar compression, whatever that may be.
You have assertion on your side. Physicists have the laws of nature on theirs.
It is said that 14 billion years ago we exploded from a bang and now here we sit - everything all nice and orbiting and somewhat stable.
No, that is not what is said.
Big bang and everything is expanding outward - filling more and more volume.
This would lead to eventual loss of all heat through irrecoverable heat loss and the components slowly wearing down as there is no way to recover most of it.
Which is what is happening. Score one for physics.
There also was, at one time, the steady state universe theory. that everything has always been pretty much as it sits now. This was picked up by the ID crowd so the secular scientific crowd rejected it out of hand.
This is the funniest lie in your whole ream of nonsense.
The champion of the steady-state hypothesis was Hoyle, a fanatical atheist who hated the Big Bang (originally proposed by a Catholic priest) because it gave credence to the idea that the universe had an origin in time and so possibly a creator. Obviously Hoyle's idea that "everything has always been pretty much as it sits now" does away with a moment of creation and so with even the possibility that the universe had a creator.
It was rejected because it turned out to be wrong. The "ID crowd" did not at that point exist, and no creationist embraced Hoyle's atheistic doctrine, nor, I wager, would they have done so even if it had turned out to be true.
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