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Author Topic:   Why Doesn't the Moon Have Life?
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09-14-2007 4:30 AM

Extreem Lifeforms
Extreem lifeforms such as those miles under the Pacific Ocean in complete darkness, increadible presure, survive near volcanic vents that emit sulfer and heat. An entire microsystem so bizarre that it begs the question about another moon. That is Europa, a moon of Jupiter that the galileo satellite studied and scientists are almost certain that due to heat generated in the core of the moon caused by the gravitational forces of Jupiter needing it like a loaf of bread and heating it up. The surface is frozen water ice miles thick that shield it from the immense radiation pouring out of Jupiter and creating a sea of liquid water beneath the ice. If their are volcanic vents there too, we can pretty much guess the rest. A follow up mission scheduled to launch in late 2008 will radar map the surface to see if it's ice layer rises and falls an expected 30 meters as it circles jupiter in an ecentric orbit. This is not science fiction and is on NASA's website. Sorry about the poor spelling. If I spent as much time on my spelling as I do with M theory (string) I'd be in much better shape.

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09-28-2007 11:33 PM
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09-14-2007 12:47 PM

Our Moon,, The Moon.. No chance
Most theorists believe that the moon was created as the result of a collision 4 billion years ago with a proto-earth and a planet approximately the density of mars hitting a glancing blow across it, as our chaotic solar system was still forming. According to computer simulations, some of Los Alamos research computers (some of the most powerful in the world), it would have resulted in the total sanitation of both protoworlds with complete destruction of the other body and 1/5 to 1/3 of the proto-earth being ejected into the orbit of the new Earth as a kind of ring. It was unstable and only remained for at most a few thousand years as the main body was rained down upon and the circulating fragments were congealed with gravity causing the more dense elements to sink to the nuclease of both bodies. This new body. Our Moon, further stabilized our orbit making it more conducive to life. The moon has nothing a carbon or silicon life form of any simplicity would find necesary for even the remote chance of life.Unless we are to assume that life starts at its most complex form and grown more simplistic over time as it developes, the idea that any intelegent life stands very little chance of starting there.

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