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Author Topic:   Self-Replicating Molecules - Life's Building Blocks (Part II)
Dr Jack
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07-04-2009 1:24 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by Rahvin
07-04-2009 1:11 PM

The transition from self-replicating molecules to cells is not thought to have been the result in a change in those molecules, but rather an accident of environment much later with the addition of an early cell membrane/wall (most hypotheses I've geard of refer to a spontaneously formed bilipid layer).
Two tailed lipids will spontaneously form bilayered spheres (called liposomes), yes, but one-tailed lipids (aka detergents) form micelles (little balls without an inside) instead - and here's the problem - detergents disrupt the formation of liposomes.
I'm not sure how this problem is supposed to be addressed.

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