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Author Topic:   Endtime Prophecy and the European Union
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06-27-2007 12:13 AM
Reply to: Message 48 by Buzsaw
06-26-2007 11:34 PM

ADVENTIST preacher
I think I know who you are refering to.
He wrote the best prophecy book (by far) I ever read called "Exploding The Israel Deception" (more like a booklet, its real tiny and about 120 pages).
His interpretation was that the 490 days equal years and started after the Temple was rebuilt.
He essentially equated the closing events to Jesus death on the cross and thus that took the sacrifice away.When the Temple was torn in two.
The problem I saw was that he was using a lower chronology.I believe the date for the rebuilding of the temple was about 516 BC (unless finishing touches were put several decades later that I dont know about).I cant say the exact date he used because...
I wish I had the book but I lent it to some preacher.This preacher friend I know is always talking about "rapture" and "prophecy", so I thought it would be a good book to give him some alternative views (the majority of what the book talks about is actually fairly sound exegesis-in stark contrast to typical prophecy "experts"). The preacher got all confused after reading it and thought the author was "A Jew trying to bash Christianity".I told his the author was a fundamentalist Christian and explained that his book was actually the best attempt to make some sense in the "prophecy" arena.I thought the book actually gave the best case at DEFENDING Christianity from absurd modern day interpretations that havae been imposed on the Bible.

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06-27-2007 5:48 AM
Reply to: Message 53 by PaulK
06-27-2007 2:34 AM

Re: ADVENTIST preacher
(I cant paste but this is in responce to your 539/516 BCE comment)
Yes, I do understand that plain reading of the text.539BCE would be the general idea. (There are some other interpretations though, and the guy may have been refering to later events perhaps closer to the time of Ezra)
I want to respond to the previous message that wasnt directed to me though.
You have decided that you *KNOW* which specific person the author of Daniel was refering to.
Why do you think that the dates dont add up (are we assuming that each day equals a year?).I mean that takes us back to about 660 BCE.
There were fairly precise historical records back then.But the Jews auctually had a slightly LOWER chronology (if anything)as far as their calculations were concerned, not higher as your theory would require.
True that some isolated time periods were longer (for example, Josephus gave 612 years from the 1st Temple to the Exodus where as most modern scholars give 284-480 AND there was also a longer time from between the 1st Temple to the 2nd Temple in the Jews ancient understanding), but there general chronology was lower.
Let me ask you something.
Do you feel that the events in Daniel were viewed by legalistic Jews as completed or unfinished? (Im refering mainly to "non-messianic" or less-messianic Jews when I say legalistic) (also I am refering mainly to the BCE/BC period).What do you feel the views were of more messianic type Jews.
When exactly do you feel that the post-fact "prophecies" were written down? In the same week as the events? Less than 7 years after?
I am wondering what dynamics you feel were responsible for the book being held in such regard in its day and a few centuries after (less important though still worth mentioning is that it is in the Tanak to this day).
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