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Author Topic:   Why, if god limited man's life to 120 years, did people live longer?
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12-05-2002 10:00 AM

Well my name's Ryan and i'm new and currently consider myself to be agnostic. I am currently reading the bible and was struck, right near the beginning, with what seemed to be a glaring contradiction. In Genesis 6:3 'The the Lord said "I will not allow people to live for ever; they are mortal. From now on they will live no longer that 120 years"'. Now, after this there are examples of people living longer than 120 years (genesis 23:1 'Sarah lived to be 127 years old' being one of them). Now i know there are many believed contradictions in the bible and they are continually refuted (although not always with proper reasoning and fact) and I tried to find reasoning for this seemingly massive contradiction, but couldn't find any. So, any help?

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12-17-2002 3:22 AM

Ok sorry, I obviously should have made a reference to which version the quote is from. It is the Good News Bible, revised Australian edition. Ok then, seeing as the main defence for the infallibility of this statement is that in other versions it is a different quote, maybe someone could refer to a thread on bible versions. I mean, isn't all of this still the written word of God, so isn't this version still wrong? And, if this version is wrong, and my school (an Anglican one) uses it, how does it justify the use of a obviously flawed version (maybe i shouldn't be asking that question here, but at my school, but I doubt they are the only ones using this version)? Next time i'll be more specific.

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12-17-2002 3:32 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by funkmasterfreaky
12-16-2002 9:06 AM

Originally posted by funkmasterfreaky:
To me there is no implication. Science allows anomolys, without changing it's theories because of a few acceptions to a common rule. God still maintained his word in that man ceased to live for 800-900 yrs, and actually tends to live a whole lot less than 120 yrs. This is a weak argument, (imo).

So you are admitting that the fact still remains that god said no one would live longer than 120years and then people did so. So the conclusion is made that the bible is not infallible. Doesn't that seem like an important implication?
And maybe you could tell me what (imo) means.

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 Message 22 by funkmasterfreaky, posted 12-16-2002 9:06 AM funkmasterfreaky has replied

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